Kitchen gadget set: Contacto cooking spoon 30 cm, round, natural beech wood + Boral pomegranate corer, 16 cm, red

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  • dimensions: length: 30 cm; Ø 4.9 cm; material: exclusively from untreated natural beech wood (Not dishwasher safe!)
  • clean processing and dimensionally stable
  • antibacterial & hygienic: with the antibacterial effect wood naturally deprives the bacteria of the liquid and thus the basis of life
  • 3pcs. bowl / strainer / hood
  • dimensions: bowl approx. Ø above 16cm; material: sieve us bowl plastic / lid silicone hood




For a quick, clean and easy coring process



  1. The pomegranate must be ripe - you can recognize this a) by the color (it becomes greenish) and b) by the surface (this becomes wavy).
  2. With the palm of your hand roll the pomegranate 2-3 times over the countertop!!!!
  3. cut the pomegranate into 2 halves
  4. Put the half on the sieve
  5. Put the silicone hood over the pomegranate
  6. hit the hood with a sturdy spoon (it is soft and flexible)
  7. The seeds fall through the sieve into the bowl