"Stress mich nicht!" by Eckart Oesterle

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This book is a neurological prevention concept for stressed persons based on the BERN concept of Prof. Dr. med. Tobias Esch

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Are you looking for a balance to your stressful everyday life? Treat yourself and your soul to a short break and put this witty book next to a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

In a world that is saturated with media, more and more people are falling ill as a result of the increasing speed that makes us rush through life, leaving behind psychological traces such as fear and anxiety. Everything seems possible if I only want to and if I work hard enough, but these are misleading models most of us grew up with. Evolution has made us what we are in millions of years. In terms of time, the industrial revolution and the digital age are just a speck of dust. We must first learn to arrive in this new age and we will not succeed if we act faster, higher, further.

Through various exercises ranging from language, movement, relaxation to nutrition, Eckart Oesterle encourages the reader to deal with the term "stress" and himself, his own person, much more intensively. These are then each rounded off with a take-home message.

So if you want to do something good for yourself and your soul, this book is perfect for that.



Eckart Oesterle was born in Munich in 1971. After a short entry into the professional world as a tax assistant, he soon realized that working with people is his passion. He therefore studied social work with a focus on adult education at the Catholic University in Munich-Haidhausen, and even during his studies he was drawn back to the business world as an intern.


For almost 20 years he worked for an internationally active insurance company in personnel development, as a personnel officer and finally 9 years in health management as a consultant. During this time he worked as a practical social consultant, topic manager, concept developer and as a responsible consultant for the mental health of the employees.

In 2014, he discovered neurobiology in a project with Prof. Dr. med. Tobias Esch and therefore completed the master's degree course "Master of cognitive Neuroscience" at the Academy of Neuroscience in Cologne from 2017. At the same time he has been working as a freelance coach and trainer since 2010. His focus is on the areas of personnel development, health management, career orientation and life change. His lectures, consultations, coachings and trainings are based on systematic thinking and of course, in the meantime, neuro-pedagogy.

All these experiences showed him that it is simply too much for many people altogether. But in order to be able to live on in a healthy, courageous and good-humoured way, we have to take responsibility for ourselves.

This book is intended to be a simple and practical aid to help you take responsibility for your own life.



You are also welcome to visit Eckart Oesterle at www.eckart-oesterle.de


And don't forget, "just be happy as often as possible - laughter is a wonderful therapist."

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