FairTrade Organic Espresso - Ethic and Tasty

Fairtrade Bio Espresso by Molinari


Fair traded Organic Espresso: Caffé Molinari Organic Espresso is one of the first varieties worldwide which is certified by both Organic Farming and Fairtrade. 100% Arabica Organic Espresso by Caffé Molinari combines both - ethics and taste.
The 100% organically grown Arabica beans come from small farmers, mostly from Central and South America. The Fairtrade Certification ensures the organic coffee farmers fixed minimum prices and long-term trade relations with constant fair conditions. The organic coffee farmers organized in cooperatives invest surpluses in the production and quality of their products or in community projects such as building schools and hospitals.

Caffé Molinari 100% Arabica Organic Espresso is characterized by its slightly sweet & mild, yet tasty flavor and good crema. The packaging features a clever one way valve that releases just a small quantity of the inside naturally developed aromas.