Our special offers for S-Pressimo customers

To say thank you to our loyal customers and as a welcomie to those who are new at S-Pressimo, we have perpared 2 best price offers from our best sellers:

The selection of coffee beans for Cream Diamonds comes from the most nutritious coffee plantations of Central and South America. The Cream Diamonds aroma is especially characterised by the high level of Arabica beans from Guatemala.

Bionatural espresso is a purely 100 & Arabica and ecologically grown highland coffee by Fair-trade. Each sip of Bionatural espresso helps to secure the livelihood of the families of small farmers in the areas of cultivation of Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia, to counteract clearance of rainforest and to protect our nature.

Both blends are specially suitable for fully automatic coffee machines and for the preparation of Espresso or Café Crème.